It's a girl!

 It's a girl!  We are so excited and look forward to welcoming another princess.  My heart is happy to think of all the love us girls get to give our boys too!  Since the two little girls couldn't wait to find out, I wanted to do a special reveal.  At first, I thought I would find out with my husband, but then I realized this was the perfect surprise for him too.  So I went and got an ultrasound and didn't tell anyone.  On the drive down to our 'family photo shoot' I announced to everyone that inside the big chest we were going to sit on were a bunch of balloons.  If they were pink, it was a girl.  Iif they were blue, it was a boy!  I surprised everyone and they couldn't believe it, especially the hubby.  It was special to capture that moment on camera because the excitement was so authentic.  All the photos were taken by Hayley Anderson Photography.

 Since I wanted to have all of our extended family in on the surprise, I invited them to a dessert night.  When they showed up they only saw PINK, plus the pictures, and an announcement that 'It's a Girl'.  I centered the party decor around a pair of $10 chairs that I thrifted and sprayed gold.  I styled them with faux greenery and then wired in real flowers.  I love them and if you find a pair and are thinking about going gold...go for it!  I plan on using them in a sweet seating arrangement with a small end table (the little girls' room may be getting an upgrade). 

 Now that school has started, I know this little girl will be here before I know it.  My heart goes patter when I think about holding another little one like the sweetheart below.  This is a picture of my first born nearly 7 years ago...where does the time go?  Today is the day to love on all your loved ones.


  1. I love your style, and your blog is pure eye candy! I hopped over here from you MIL's blog (I have been a blog buddy with her for years:)). Congrats on another girl!

  2. Love this sweet post! You and your family are so adorable.

  3. Congrats on another girl! You blog is perfect Michaela



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