he's a party animal

3 Ingredient Sugar Cookies
  • 1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)
  • 1 large egg
  • I box of Betty Crocker cake mix
Mix together and spoon out as drop cookies, or roll out with flour and cookies cutters.  Bake at 350 degress for 8-9 minutes (don't wait for them to turn golden brown, they will be extra soft for a day or two if you cook just until light brown)
I love the French Vanilla flavor, but all the flavors are fun!

We celebrated my little boy's 2nd birthday this last week and had a special 'party animal' theme.  It was kinda easy to pick a theme since he really is the life of the party in our family and he LOVES animals.  He has a handful of play animals and I centered the decorating around the animals dressed in mini party hats.  A simple DIY with some paper and a glue gun; I just cut mini half circles and rolled until they formed a hat.
I decorated the cake with a handmade bunting, animals, a dollhouse table, and added giant confetti circles to the table.  We served donuts from a local bakery, and had a fun family party over too many treats and a hot meal. 
 Last minute, I decided I really wanted to use the animal cookie cutters my mom gave me a few years ago, so I used my quick 3 ingredient sugar cookie recipe above.  They are really tasty, but not the highest recommended for a crisp cookie line out of the oven.  But they'll do the trick if you can get you royal frosting lines straight.  As drop cookies, they are delicious and you can use any of the box flavors.  I always keep a few boxes on hand for a quick treat or party.  I prefer Betty Crocker, but have used other brands.

Enough about the party and a second about the birthday boy...having two little girls born before him, I've seen such a contrast in personalities and get the biggest kick out of it.  I catch myself in awe all the time and adore every little boy move he makes.  Words cant really express how grateful I am for him, but the least I can say is he is the apple of my eye, the sweetest boy in the world, my little loverboy, and he's melts my heart all day long.  I feel so much joy from this little boy and thank my lucky stars to have him in my life.  I love you little boy...to the moon and back!

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