Valentines Party

 The little kiddos and I had such a fun time planning this little party.  Having a Valentine's Day Party is a little tradition of ours and I think we all look forward to it.  In the planning stage, we knew there needed to be lots of glitter because my Adele requested it be a glitter party and that we actually change the name from Valentine to Glitter party.
To decorate, I bought a handful of dollar store vases, spray adhesive, and glitter and went to town with more than the vases (the things around my house that are now glitter bedazzled...).  I used party favor bags for utensil holders and sweet little straws, and then doused the table with glitter hearts, and of course my  
The flowers are my little Valentine gift to myself-from-my husband.  Please tell me you sometimes have those gift guidelines too?  He knows the best Valentine flowers he can give me are fresh flowers not yet arranged...that's my favorite part!  We should have some fun delivering a few of the extra flowers to our favorite Grandmas on Valentine's Day. 
To eat, we had a few little snacks of apples, cheese sandwiches, and of course cookies.  Then the little kiddos made their own cards for a loved one with heart stickers, felt hearts, and brads.  My favorite was when one of our favorite little boys asked me to write to his daddy 'you are handsome.'  The love a little boy has for his daddy...
To finish, I poured sprinkles, conversation hearts, and cinnamon lips all over the counter, and they each decorated a sugar cookie with pink frosting.  We all had a ball, and I love making memories with my sweeties and their sweet friends.   


You can download a copy of the invite we made here for free.


  1. I find your party tradition delightful. Lucky ones who received this invitation. Your cookies are gorgeous!

  2. What a fun party! Those sandwiches are so cute! You are always so creative and fun.



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