Christmas Countdown

 I'm so excited for our Christmas Countdown and advent calendar this year!  We've been doing a countdown with service cards for the past few years, and we have a little tradition of getting the chocolate countdown calendars too.  But this year I set it all up in one fun spot, and I'm excited to add to our standing traditions. 
In the mini stockings, I have cards that are full of service projects, big and small.  They say things like: hold the door for as many people as possible, smile at a stranger, make cookies for a friend, or write a kind note to your daddy.  I found the mini stockings at RH Baby&Child on sale after Christmas last year, but was using cute little envelopes the years before.  You could always easily make one with paper envelopes and ribbon.
In the big Calendar, I set up little gifts and activities.  The only main thing I'm sticking to is a countdown coloring book on Day1 and Christmas Jammies on Day 2.  The pockets of the big calendar will have a note that says 'open the presents inside the toy bag!'  I found the giant toy bag in the Target dollar section for only $3, and there were a handful of other inexpensive gifts there too.  It's not too late to set this up for your little ones, with a little creativity and a tiny bit of cash, Voila, you''ll be set!  I used extra ornaments from our decorating, and pinned them here and there for a little extra touch of Christmas!
Oh, I just love traditions, and fun activities to make the season magical. 

Mistletoe: Wonderland by Alice Lane,
Felt Wreath from West Elm
Peppermint Garland from Gatehouse #1.
And my favorite reason for all this fun excessive-ness...these precious kiddos!

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