Flower Crown How-To

This was such a fun and simple project.  I bought rafia wrapped coiled wire, green floral tape, and a selection of silk flowers.  I also used frosted greenery to add a holiday touch.  I used forget me nots, baby's breath, some metallic flowers in the holiday section, and a big blue peony.  I simply measured the little girls' head circumference and then doubled it.  I made one circle for the base of the crown and then coiled the second half of wire around the first.  This helped the crown keep it's shape and also made for an easy to insert for some of the stems.  Please keep in mind that when measuring, you want the  wire to fit all the way over the crown of the head.  That way it will easily rest on the head and it will fit most securely this way.  To assemble, I simply placed the stems and flowers on and used the floral tape every so often as to secure them.  This was the fun part.  Design the crown however you like.  For one of the crowns I kept it dainty and simple all around.  For the other, I placed a big bloom and added two leaves on either side of it, sort of like a throne surrounding the big bloom.  We placed the big bloom at the back of the head, but it looks equally beautiful when worn on the front.  Have fun with it and enjoy...I think we will try this again in the spring. 

PS for those asking, the caplet is a baby skirt that we put on as a shawl...I added a ribbon too for effect...wink wink.


  1. Oh my. This is so precious. The girls are so beautifulI. i can't wait to try making it. You know I have a girl that will just swoon over this!

  2. Love your "crown" and it is such a wonderful idea!
    The pictures of your girl are so sweet too!



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