A Sweet Doily DIY

This little project is a sweet and simple diy for an invitation, thank you note, or other little card.  Simply take a doily, ribbon, the card, and there you have it...a custom made card.  Simple and sweet.  I made these custom invites for my daughter's Nutcracker themed party coming up soon.  I've had a lot of fun customizing invites with a border, color, clip art, and little made-up poems.  I found this arabesque silhouette under the word 'ballet' in the clip art found on our word document program.  We're pretty excited to soon enter 
The Kingdom of Sweets and Treats
for a special little girl's birthday.


  1. I can't wait for her birthday. What a fun time to have a birthday with the house all decorated. These are really beautiful and so easy!

  2. this is adorable, had to pin the cuteness~

  3. What a cute idea! I wish my grandgirls lived on the same continent that I do! It would be such fun! I try to make lots of occasions into parties if I can! I just started following your blog, I saw the giveaway on Purple Chocolate Home, I LOVE Jackie! We are the people who make the sparkling cider. If the giveaway is still up and going, I'd love to enter it!
    I like everything I see here!

  4. The birthday part invitations are exquisite. The ribbon closure is the perfect touch.



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